We are excited to now offer MUSIC VIDEO service to all our clients!  Why just listen to the hits when you can watch the artists perform them?  We have thousands of music videos, from all genres, starting in the early 1980's when they first started appearing on MTV to today's latest chart topping hits.  Here are some of the video options we offer:
Single Screen System - Standard size ( up to 40"), high definition screen with full sound system.
Large Screen System - Substitute the standard size for a Large (55"), high definition screen with full sound system.
Dual Screen System - Why settle for one when you can have two?  Dual, large high definition screens allows your guests to dance the night away with their favorite artists.  Full sound system included.
Ultimate Party Package - For those who really want to party!  Multiple, large high definition screens with a large format sound system can accommodate parties of up to 1,200 guests. 
Contact us today for more information on how we can make your next party, the BEST video party!